What Makes Sense

I am a writer.

I have only published one (very good) book review in a small southern magazine about five years ago. That book review gained the attention of the folks at O The Oprah Magazine, but when they called and asked for additional writing samples, I froze (I really did not have anymore material because I was working as a copy editor, and I was not writing on a consistent basis), and needless to say, I missed a very interesting opportunity.

I am a writer.

I am often afraid to write. Even as I type, I am afraid that I do not have anything to say, and this post will be a waste of cyberspace. I guess part of writing is pushing through the fear and trying to say something anyway.

I am a writer.

As a result of my obsession with writing and lack of production, I am looking for a therapist. Yes, a psychotherapist. Perhaps I will discuss my childhood, my marriage and other pertinent things during therapy sessions.

I am a writer.

I am a writer who loves to read and to listen to lectures on writing and creativity.  I love to play chess as much as I love to read, and I wish I could draw.

I am a writer.


3 Responses to What Makes Sense

  1. Claudia says:

    How am I just now finding out that you have a blog! I love this and this post, in particular, really touches my heart. Best of luck to you with your writing. It appears that you’re making progress already.

  2. ejzg says:

    I know this is way months later but I just discovered your blog. Did you every get into therapy? I’ve been saying I need to on and off for two years now and I’m finally going to do it. Moving beyond fear always frees you up. This fear that I have with my writing is not so much that it’s not good but where will it lead me? Sometimes I feel excited and sometimes I even like what I’ve written but mostly I feel like I’m holding back and I want to move past it. Any old way, keep at it Emerson.

    • proseroom says:

      Hi, ejzg

      Thanks for reading! I did find a therapist; we have only been in session for a few months, so I won’t issue an opinion about her just now. We have not talked about my writing yet, but I have discovered a lot of other stuff that could be causing “writer’s delay.” Also, I have been doing some dream analysis with a friend, and that has been very helpful. Thanks for your encouragement. I want to encourage you to “keep at it” as well. I have learned that this is not a craft for the faint of heart (I mean what art is? lol). You have to believe that you have something to say, and you have to invite your muse to sit with you and talk with you every day. Keep in touch, and let me know how you are. 🙂

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