Reading Near the Ocean: Substitute Me by Lori L. Tharps

Since summer is almost over, and since I really needed to be near the ocean, my wife, our three-year-old niece, Angel, and I had an OBX weekend. We did not quite get the rest and relaxation we hoped for (three year olds are hard work!), but we did have a great time.  We played, we swam, we had great vegan food from a nice place in Kitty Hawk, and while Angel and Auntie Jan built sandcastles, I had the pleasure of reading Lori L. Tharps’s new novel Substitute Me.

Book clubs, brace yourselves; Lori L. Tharps delivers a book that you will be talking about for hours!  Picture this: Zora Anderson, a young (30), whimsical, black woman from a well-to-do family in Michigan moves to New York and accepts a job as a nanny for a young (30ish) white woman in Brooklyn. Told mostly from the perspectives of the two women, Substitute Me is layered with questions about parental expectations, race relations, work-life balance, following one’s passion, and the true nature of love.

Substitute Me will be available on Amazon tomorrow. Check out fellow blogger  Evelyn N. Alfred reading from Substitute Me.

Thanks for reading.



2 Responses to Reading Near the Ocean: Substitute Me by Lori L. Tharps

  1. Thanks for linking me. I guess you liked the book too. I related to Zora.

    • proseroom says:

      My pleasure. Thanks for commenting. Zora was difficult for me; perhaps she reminded me of some of the rather challenging parts of myself. 🙂 I am still thinking about how much of my life is actually “delegate-able.”

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