I am pleased to announce the official call for papers for this amazing anthology project! If you know any LGBTQ writers who have been looking for ways and spaces in which to share their stories, please send them here! There is a “Call for Papers” tab on this site, and I have made the submission guidelines my post for today. Thanks, again, for reading!



Shifting the Vantage Point Wants Your Stories!

Shifting the Vantage Point [SVP] is a vision, a safe space, a blog, a concept, and a publishing house that supports creativity and community. SVP was created and is maintained by Emerson Zora Hamsa, a writer, editor, teacher, blogger, intellectual, and queer black woman who believes in the power of language.

Shifting the Vantage Point invites the submission of original, engaging, well-written, truth-telling, and previously unpublished Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer [LGBT] love stories, personal essays, creative non-fiction, interviews, novel excerpts, and/poetry for a forthcoming anthology, Same-Sex, Same-Gender: Stories of Transformation, Hope and Love. This anthology is being prepared for publication online and for print at a small independent publishing house. Shifting the Vantage Point welcomes all stories of love, struggle, change, the search for identity, gender re-assignment, gender roles, living in secret, coming out, living as “butch” or “femme”, labeling in the LGBTQ community, parenting an LGBTQ child, etc.

SVP strongly encourages submissions from LGBTQ people of color.


The submission of essays will be entirely electronic. Submissions should be no longer than 2,500 words, and should be submitted in a Word document to by January 31, 2011. If your essay is chosen, you will receive one free copy of the anthology and an opportunity to participate in one or more readings. *Information about readings will be provided after publication.

Reviewing Process

Shifting the Vantage Point will use a community review process. Writers, teachers, LGBTQ activists, and readers will review your work. To eliminate bias, reviewers will not know the names of the writers, and writers will not know the names of the reviewers.


Shifting the Vantage Point will not accept any essay that is substantially similar to a previously published essay of the same kind. Your voice is necessary! Your stories need to be told!

Contact Information

Questions and concerns should be sent to


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